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My journey into the world of law began like many things in all of our lives – by chance… if you believe in such things… it all began with a psychotherapy patient I was treating. Traumatised as he was by his mother’s death at the age of 19, he dropped out of university after flunking his first year exams; net result… no degree. Some thirty years later, he was hoping to remedy the situation, and together we began perusing his online options. It was then, and there (my there at the time being Shanghai, China) that I came across the University of London’s online Bachelor of Laws website:

and the rest is history. The ‘then’ is also fairly easy to establish, as it was around that time that I started this Blog – my first entry:

being dated April 8 2014 around the time I embarked on my undergraduate legal studies.

Since that time I managed a 2:1 in my undergraduate studies, a Postgraduate Certificate in International Corporate & Commercial Law from King’s College London, and nailed my Bar Vocational Studies at The City Law School – with an overall average of 77.86 – all whilst working full-time, and co-parenting my two little (in fact these days not so little) angels – Charlie and Catherine.

So let’s cut to the chase – just what is Legaleze™ ?

Well after nearly 10 years thinking about law, and nearly three decades thinking about education (having taught both English as a Foreign Language and Psychotherapy alongside teaching undergraduate law for more than 20 years) I have decided to launch a full time law education/mentoring programme, designed to make high quality legal education available at readily affordable prices to a wide range of students.

Details of which can be easily seen here:

To support those studying with Legaleze™ there will also be the following resources: – that is to say this website where a lot of new content, and commentary will be posted. my Academia page, where you will find a host of essentially academic articles, and previously answered University of London LLB questions (alongside some post-graduate material). – Legaleze™’s Facebook Page where current students will be encouraged to network, and to raise their pressing academic/legal concerns.

That’s probably more than enough to get you going for now, and I will be updating this post really soon, as the business unfolds. A beautiful logo (and ultimately some Legaleze™ merchandise) are already in development, alongside some very attractive, special offers for our first Student mentees – so watch this space.

In my very first Blog post (cited above) I rather wordily wrote: “Writing legalese; & hopefully more importantly going beyond that legalese to discuss these matters clearly yet eruditely is no small challenge…” those words remain as true as ever; but thankfully Legaleze™ will be here to, as much as we are able, make that challenge that little bit more manageable.

Happy Studies!!!

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